TAAN Undaground

TAAN Undaground is a platform for new and emerging artists who are looking for a way to showcase their work, connect with other artists, and reach a wider audience. The focus is on supporting artists who are not yet mainstream, and providing them with the resources and opportunities they need to promote their work and build their careers. Whether you’re a musician, filmmaker, artist, or any other type of creative, TAAN Undaground is a place where you can share your work, network with others, and grow as an artist. The goal is to help new artists get noticed, build a following, and take their careers to the next level, while promoting diversity and innovation in the arts.

"Neighborhood Jeopardy" - Live from the Cuts

AJ shares his perspective about the Black experience that needs to change in order to economically empower ourselves.

Saturday at 2 PM CST

More Coming Soon